1000+ Commits Later: Connectors Alpha
Speckle Team
November 4th 2020 connectors2.0


The 2.0 alpha connectors have landed 🎊

After over 1000 commits, we are hyped to bring you the alpha release of the Dynamo, Grasshopper, and Revit connectors!

⚠️ Please note: this is an early release intended for hackers and developers to try out the connectors and get inspiration for building new ones. They are a bit rough around the edges and there will be bugs and breaking changes. HIC SVNT DRACONES 🐉

The main purpose of this is to share what we've been working on and get the code in your hands so you can play with it and give us your feedback! Your thoughts will be instrumental in shaping the future of 2.0 and easing the transition from 1.0. Feel free to ask questions and start conversations on the forum 💬

We have brought all the 2.0 C# projects including Core, Objects, the .NET connectors, and a reusable DesktopUI into one home:

👉 speckle-sharp

Please drop us a 🌟 on the repo - it helps support the project!

Instructions for getting started can be found in the README for the repo and in each respective connector folder:

👉 ConnectorDynamo

👉 ConnectorGrasshopper

👉 ConnectorRevit

Go ahead and test them, break them, and tell us what you love and what could be improved. We'd love to hear from you! Feel free to submit GitHub issues in the respective repo or start a thread on our community forum 💌

We've also put together a rough roadmap of future releases to give you and idea of what you can expect from us and when:

👉 The Roadmap

That's all for now! See you on to forum and stay tuned for our next round of releases 🎉

The Speckle Team