Roundup: 2018 Edition
by Dimitrie12/27/2018announcement

Going Forward!

On the 30th of November 2017, there was a "Speckle Meeting" at The Bartlett, with 19 people from all around the AEC industry (& world) joining to discuss the future of design data communication.

I will not focus on the technical parts of that meeting (it was a six hours long meeting), but I would outline the core principles & actions that were agreed upon below:

Speckle Will Become Real

Speckle's a lot of work - more than I can handle alone. In order to match the demand, I've been rooting for Speckle to become a legal entity of sorts that will be able to grow and develop the core framework and associated plugins and interfaces.

This will happen. We're looking for ways to assemble this adventure, so if you've got any leads, do join the discussion on slack! We're not yet "hiring", but watch this space.

Speckle Will Stay Open Source

You can't develop a relevant design communication framework in the isolation that a closed model would entail. Monetisation will never be a priority, but a community driven by-product.

Whatever shape the legal incorporation will embody, Speckle will stay open source, and liberally so - we're not going to stray from the MIT license.

Speckle Will Be Welcoming

Speckle will aim not impose nor exclude other ways of structuring information, but it will welcome and try to enable new ways of communication in design.

Furthermore, Speckle will be welcoming in its governance structure, standards, community contributions and as well users of all trades and skills.

Join The Conversation!

Mixing openess and freedom while ensuring a sustainable future that can create the correct environment in which our ambitions can be delivered is going to be quite the challenge.

You're welcome to join the slack channel and tell us what you think & discuss how you can help out!

Happy 2018!

🎉 🌲 🎉

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