Speckle Roundup #3: Server & Dev
Speckle Team
December 10th 2019 community

Heya! It's been quite a bit since we last had a speckle roundup (more than a year, I think!). As such, we've decided to make some announcement posts with the latest (by a certain defintion of latest).

➡️ Part 1 | Part 2

This last post focuses on server-side improvements & developer docs.


Speckle's .NET ecosystem parts are now on nuget. See the following:

GoSpeckle, Go!

Antoine Dao crafted a very nice Go client for Speckle, expanding hackability! Let rip!


Pythons? Snakes? Speckles? Yes! We do have a documented python sdk.

.NET Starter Projects & Docs

Sparked off by some discussions on the forum, I have (finally, some might say!) created a small .NET Console app project that shows how to get started with SpeckleCore, the .NET "sdk" for Speckle. Check the docs out! Repo is here.

For more context, head over to this discussion on the forum.

Server Authentication Strategies

Speckle is seeing quite a number of internal corporate deployments. One of the main requirements towards making Speckle an exciting enterprise platform is end-user authentication. Consequently, we've re-architected the authentication flows on the server to be able to leverage multiple providers, such as Azure AD (Active Directory), Github, Auth0, etc.

Check out the blogpost to learn more.

Password Resets

It only took several years, but if you have configured your server to send out emails, you can now reset your password! This is possible via http://${your_server_url}/password-reset! For example, on hestia, you can reset your password today by going at this link.

.NET Speckle Kits Docs

Heard of SpeckleKits, the old SpeckleAbstract object, etc? Well, now there's a bit of a followup and actually some documentation on how to write your own object model to make it compatible with speckle. If you don't know what this means, check out this blogpost, and afterwards dive into the docs!