Custom User Data
Attach custom user data to objects • Last modified on 9/17/2019 • edit

Custom data can be attached to most objects you send within Speckle. This allows for enriched data transfer alongide basic geometry and primitive data.

To do this, use the "Set User Data" component. This component takes in the object you wish to attach the user data to and the user data itself. To create user data, use the "Create Custom User Data" component. By zooming in to the inputs, you can add or remove new properties by clicking the + and - buttons. Right-clicking the input and renaming it also renames the property. Once you attach the user data, the object can now be sent along as usual.


To unpack the data of the object, use the "Get User Data" component alonside the "Expand User Data" component. This will expose all the properties that were set and their values.


If you wish to access the data elsewhere (such as through the API), all of user data is accessible under the properties propperty of the SpeckleObject. An example of this is shown below.

  "type": "Mesh",
  "vertices": [...],
  "faces": [...],
  "colors": [],
  "hash": "42dbd7e06f5ec4079a7ca5f65a565af7",
  "properties": {
    "level": "3",
    "name": "myFloor"