Headless SpeckleGSA operation • Last modified on 9/17/2019 • edit

The GSA plugin has a CLI interface to send and receive GSA models without the use of the interface. To use it, you will need to obtain the token associated with your account, which can be found from the Profile page of the Speckle admin app. For detailed usage help, execute the SpeckleGSAUI -h command.

Sample sending command:

SpeckleGSAUI sender --server "" --email --token "JWT XXXXXX" --file "C:\Speckle\Speckle Demos\GSA Demo.gwb" --layer analysis --result "2D Element Derived Force" --resultCases A1

Sample receiving command:

SpeckleGSAUI receiver --server "" --email --token "JWT XXXXXX" "C:\Users\Mishael.Nuh\Desktop\Received File.gwb" --layer design --nodeAllowance 0.01 --streamIDs YbtzuXrK0W