Speckle is the open source data platform for aec

a fast, web-scale base for automation in design, engineering and construction.

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Speckle has been seen in the wild at some of the most progressive AEC companies


Data Curation & Integration

Speckle provides a default set of connectors that help you easily curate the design data you need to share.

Rhino Grasshopper Dynamo Blender Revit (WIP) GSA (WIP) Unity (WIP) Unreal Engine (WIP)


People, Projects & Permissions

You are in control of what you share, and with whom you share.

Link Sharing Projects & Teams Access Permissions Stakeholder Network (WIP)


Data Informed Discussions

From viewing multiple data streams online to advanced querying, Speckle allows you to coordinate and gather insights on your project's data footprint.

Web 3D Viewer Queries (API) Data History (API) Mobile 3D Viewer (WIP)


Automation & More

Speckle is a solid base for developing third party applications that enable the workflows you need.

Arup Carbon Part Tracking MEP Reporting
Your design. Your data.
Speckle is easily deployed on the cloud provider of your choice, or on premise.
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