Empowering your design and construction data

Engineers, designers, hackers and entire organizations rely on us for interoperability, automation and collaboration to deliver better buildings, faster.

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Why Speckle?

Our platform enables AEC companies to evolve digitally in a cloud based environment. Speckle streamlines collaboration and automation for 3D information - CAD & BIM.

Open Source

Our mission is to transform the AEC industry for the better by providing an open source data platform that everyone can use and extend. What does this mean?

  • Independence: no vendor or cloud provider lock-in.
  • Data sovereignty: choose how and where your data is stored
  • Longevity: open source code keeps thriving when business plans change.

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Your design: your data.

3d Viewer: Batteries Included

$ ▸ superApp.js # double click an object to focus
  // Sample 3d viewer app
  // See: https://github.com/specklesystems/speckle-server
  import Viewer from '@speckle/viewer'

  let viewer = new Viewer( )

  // event handlers
  viewer.on( 'load-progress', args => handleProgress( args ) )
  viewer.on( 'object-clicked', objs => handleObjClick( objs ) )

  // load a model
  async function load( commitUrl ) {
    await viewer.loadObject( commitUrl )
Ready, Set, Speckle!

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Empowering your design and construction data

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