Our mission is to enable everyone to speak in 3D.

What is Speckle?

Speckle is open source digital infrastructure for anything designed in 3D. We handle interoperability between software silos, real time collaboration, data management, versioning and automation.


Meet the full time Specklers!

Dimitrie Stefanescu

Founder & CEO

Accidentally gave birth to Speckle. PhD (UCL). Worked @ Arup, UCL, Bogdan Van Broeck, TU Berlin, TU Delft. Former Marie Curie Fellow.

Matteo Cominetti

Founder & COO

Hybrid architect, engineer, and programmer. When not speckling he might be hiding in the mountains or baking some bread. Worked @ Arup, Foster+Partners, WeWork, CASE Inc.

Alan Rynne

Software Engineer

Building engineer, programmer and teacher with a passion for architectural geometry. Worked @ Bellapart, Apogea, UPC.

Claire Kuang

Software Engineer

Technologist and computational designer. Background in Math and Architecture from Harvard GSD. Worked @ Gehry Technologies, Certain Measures, NASA.

Jedd Morgan

Software Engineer

Programmer and computer science graduate. Passionate about computer graphics, geometry, and all things programming! Hobbyist game dev, player of instruments, and seeker of knowledge.

Kateryna Konieva

GIS Software Engineer

Urban planner, computational designer with occasional teaching and moderation activities. Art will save the world, and I do my part through photography. Past @ Future Cities Lab, Singapore-ETH Centre.

Gergő Jedlicska

Software Engineer

Craftsman of buildings and software. Husband, father, sourdough baker, sheep herder or something entirely different. Worked @ MindjArt, Építész Stúdió, Organica Water, Transcend H2O.

Kristaps Fabians Geikins

Full Stack Engineer

Software engineer who's been building websites since 2006. Also a techno-head, horror movie fan and avid player of video-games.

Alexandru Popovici

Graphics Engineer

Background in programming with focus on computer graphics. Worked @BusyMachines, Torquing Group, VidaSystems, BeastStudios

Mucahit Bilal GOKER

Solutions Architect

Computational Designer, instructor and learner. Worked @KALYON, ITU, VIVA and BIM4TURKEY.

Iain Sproat

Platform Engineer

Platform Engineer making Speckle reliable and secure. Previously a Structural Engineer designing buildings, now building systems to help people design buildings. Past @ Ramboll, Pivotal, Form3

Connor Ivy

Software Engineer

Software engineer and former structural engineer. When I'm not improving Speckle's Revit connector, I like to play disc golf and go on walks with my wife and my dog. Worked @ RLG Consulting Engineers.

Oğuzhan Koral

Software Engineer

Software engineer, enthusiast about computational geometry, technology, data science, encryption and adventuring. Worked @AgiliCity, Alkazar and ITU as researcher

Jonathon Broughton

Advocacy and Developer Relations

Masterplanner, architect and spatial-data analyst 20 years in the making. I work with OPD (other peoples data). Specializing in GIS, BIM & ETL for AEC. I love walking hills when I'm not wrangling data

Senda Ben Abdallah

Product Marketing Manager

Marketer who loves to work in tech!

Moritz Henschel

Chief of Staff

Industrial Engineer on a mission to drive efficiency at scale. Worked @ Foundamental & HeidelbergMaterials.

Alona Osadchuk

People & Talent Lead

People & Talent Lead passionate about building strong teams and creating supportive systems. Candidate experience advocate and occasional speaker. Bad at design, but good at making things work.

Ian Hawley

Engineering Manager (Connectors)

Technology leader with a passion for empowering people's success. Part time gamer and indie dev, full time husband and dad of two. Worked at Synectics, Autodesk, XLN, Grass Valley, Cognitran.

Benjamin Ottensten

Product Lead

Product lead with a background in product design and frontend development. Based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Andrew Wallace

Frontend Engineer

Frontend engineer from Belfast specialising in aesthetically rich projects, often found walking the dog or making a strong coffee.

Nikos Argyros

Solutions Architect

Architect and Computational Designer, previously worked for Hassell in London and Lendlease in Milan.

Mirna Savić

Content and Social Media Manager

Digital marketing creative who thrives on building engaging communities.

Charles Driesler

Software Engineer

B.Arch from Pratt Institute into a career building software for the AEC cinematic universe. Speckle fan into Speckle man. Based in London.

Adam Hathcock

Software Developer

Software Developer for 25 years via Autodesk, SkyBet and other industries inbetween. From Alabama now in Sheffield, UK

Alessandro Magionami

Software Engineer

Software Engineer, writer, and open source passionate. Former Caribbean dance competitor. Fantasy books and board games lover. Author of devlizioso.substack.com


The world runs on 3D: Speckle enables you to deliver better designs, together.

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