AEC is broken, and our mission is to make it better.

With Speckle, we built an object-based data layer for 3D data and BIM models to shift away from using files. How? By decomposing all 3D models into their constituent “atoms,” storing them in a database, and making them available to you, clients, and scripts. So far, Speckle’s focus has been twofold:

What if we enabled multiplayer collaboration with scripts and machines? We want to bring developer productivity tools to AEC, and thanks to Speckle, we can.

Introducing Automate: the Smart Automation Pipelines for AEC

You can watch the recording of our official announcement made during SpeckleCon below:

Automate was designed with our community's developers, engineers, and architects at heart. With Automate, every model change inside Speckle will have your workflows running automatically. You only need to write a script once so that you can automate the boring stuff away.

We’re opening a new category when it comes to data and AEC, all wrapped up in one lovely package: collaboration, connectivity, and automation.

Let’s dive deeper into the possibilities Automate can offer you.

What can you do with Automate?

Automate lets your workflows run automatically without waiting for someone to press a button. Whenever you publish a new version of your model to Speckle, it will run, reliably, so you can focus on what matters. Automate is the complete CI/CD solution to Speckle, meaning you get to achieve the following:

The possibilities are endless. You can see them in action during our SpeckleCon demos:

Automation Should Be Accessible to All of AEC

Current automation technologies make you host, package, and maintain your automation, requiring expert knowledge, dedication, and resources. You might struggle to get this within your organisation. Due to licensing or setup, it may be tied to a single user's machine; they may go on holiday. Lots of generic tools offer CI/CD but are not AEC-specific and not built on top of Speckle. At the moment, this is a big hurdle - which is why we want to make automation more accessible to all of AEC, and more specifically:

This is why Automate is composed of automations and functions.

This is all integrated within one platform, Speckle.

Automate does not represent Speckle’s first step towards automated tasks; in fact, Speckle has already enabled automation as it’s one of our pillars. We’ve seen our partners build on top of Speckle’s’ SDKs and APIs, from full-stack applications to RT-LCA tools; AEC leaders have achieved the following:

With Automate, these benefits will increase tremendously.

What’s Next?

The flexibility and extensibility of Automate combined with the connectivity and data management of our Speckle Server and Connectors offer more possibilities to explore. Speckle as an open-source solution with agnostic data schema, ensures that custom-built functions will work even if teams, projects, or desktop applications change.

If you also want to make AEC better with automation, join our closed-beta programme today! In the meantime, you can also check out our FAQs.