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Effective collaboration and productivity are the backbone of successful AEC projects. This category addresses the need for communication and coordination among various stakeholders, leveraging Speckle’s capabilities to create solutions that keep projects on track, under budget, and within scope. If you’re looking to adopt a productive and efficient way of collaborating in AEC, this category is for you!

Bringing You, Your Team, and Your Tech Stack Closer

Joining a hackathon means joining (or finding) the right team to build a compelling and innovative solution. This category aims to promote the importance of collaboration in the AEC. Below are a few examples showcasing the use of Speckle to drive collaboration and team synergies forward.

AIT’s Hackathon Project

Speckle was built to drive hackathons forward. The AIT team took a win thanks to its use during the design process competition.

PrismArch’s Collaborative Design Tool

PrismArch leveraged Speckle to deploy a collaborative, immersive platform for multidisciplinary teams, leading to higher-quality outputs and time savings.

Henning Larsen’s Multiplayer Format

Mariusz and his team developed a set of “practices” or informal “terminologies” when using Speckle. This helped Henning Larsen internally adopt collaborative workflows towards the wider project team.

Speckle at Henning Larsen: Faelledby - A Timber City
International architectural practice, Henning Larsen heavily used Speckle when delivering their multidisciplinary project - Fælledby, an all-timber neighbourhood in Copenhagen. Mariusz Hermansdorfer explains how Speckle enabled low-friction collaboration within the multidisciplinary team.

Tools to Use

Our new web app is the best place to start. After revamping it, we introduced new ways to bring your team on board. Read about it here or watch our latest CSU for more:

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Dive even deeper:


Wrapping Up

The Project Pulse category was designed to showcase the collaborative aspect of Speckle. We understand how difficult it can be to align your work with multi disciplinary teams, and with the recent launch of the new Speckle web app, we’re encouraging you to showcase how you can best collaborate with your team across different continents, countries, offices or laptops.

And finally, a pro tip from the juror of this category, Martha Tsigkari, Head of R&D at Foster + Partners:

“I don't expect full implementation, but rather a great idea with a solid foundation. I look for people who think outside the box and tackle issues in clever ways, rather than using buzzwords to seem interesting. So in many cases, the most ingenious hacks are not the sort of ideas that are very photogenic or social media worthy but are the ones that are doing the job and I think that's what I would be looking for.”

So, show us what you got and apply to our hackathon today!

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