Embed your Speckle models anywhere!

Embed your Speckle models anywhere!

Written by Alan Rynne on

Great news everyone! You can now embed your public 3D models in other documents.

This below is a sample Grasshopper model from this stream, loaded up in the Speckle Viewer!

Note, if you're on Chrome in incognito mode, you might need to allow third party cookies. Click on the πŸ‘ button in the top right corner of the address bar to change that setting!

Other web technologies allow you to create documents in which data and code are interspersed with text, creating a much more effective medium of communication. Why not do the same for AEC? Imagine having your report Β and your actual explorable BIM model side by side!

What can you embed?

Pretty much anything, if it's viewable in the speckle online UI and its access is set to public:

How can I embed something?

  1. Copy iframe: Will copy the iframe code required to paste on any html document.

2. Copy url: Will copy the url of the embed viewer.

The result would be a viewer like the one above ☝🏼

Where can I use this?

We haven't tried every single place out there, but this feature should work anywhere that supports embedding other types of content (such as youtube videos or google maps). Some of them, that we know of, include:

Dev alert!

We also provide an npm package for our viewer that gives you full control to design your apps around it. You can find it here

If you want to know more about our developer tools, check out our Developer Guide

Curious about Speckle?

πŸš€ Give it a try!

Feeback or comments? We'd love to hear from you in our community forum!


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