As recently announced in our latest post, we’re renaming Speckle’s core concepts to be more widely understandable. FE2, or the new Speckle Front-End, is the product embodiment of this change.

This is not just a “find and replace” operation but something that reflects in the Speckle product’s core. FE2

So, what’s new in FE2? Well, pretty much everything - here are a few highlights:

The onboarding process has been redesigned to give new Specklers a more comfortable, informative, and useful landing.

Federations: Models (formerly known as branches) are now infinitely nestable. They also serve as a strong foundation for ad-hoc federations, with the ability to instantly open any group or subgroup of Models in the viewer.

Model History & Changes: Related, the viewer no longer displays one Version (commit) but a model (branch). This allowed us to enable fast exploration of its evolution and surface some really exciting new product features that previously were only available in competing paid solutions.

One of the coolest is viewing the changes between two different model Versions: now, at a click of a button, you get a comprehensive result of added, removed, modified and unchanged objects. The best part: it runs in seconds.

Visual Diffing

Discussions: Another welcome change is turbocharging Comments: they will persist at a model level throughout its Versions. This means you can flag an issue in one Version and mark it as resolved in a subsequent one.

Follow Mode: starting a live design review session with your colleagues is now one click away. In follow mode, we sync the spotlighted user’s viewport, sections, filters, etc., with their followers in that session.

Follow Mode

There are plenty of other upcoming improvements and changes. We’re far from done on our journey to bring 3D to everyone, and Speckle’s FE2 is just getting started with rolling out improvements and new features that empower Specklers to do more with their BIM and non-BIM data.