Starting from version 2.2 of Speckle Manager, you will be able to install Mac compatible connectors!

This new version of Manager will also let you view and explore all the other existing ones.

⚠️ Speckle Manager on Mac cannot perform updates yet. So, if you already have it installed, make sure to download the latest version from the Speckle Releases page
New connectors available on Speckle Manager for Mac

As a first step, we have made available two of our most popular connectors for Mac:

Installing them could not be any easier, just select your desired connector and press the Install button 👇🏼

Installing a connector for mac

Here's a sneak-peek of Speckle Rhino and Grasshopper running on a Mac

Speckle Rhino in a Mac
Speckle Grasshopper in a Mac

More connectors will come down the line, as we're already working on addisupport to Blender and the upcoming Archicad connector, so stay tuned!

::: tip Feedback wanted

Feedback from our community is of utmost importance to us at Speckle.
If you have any thoughts on how we could make Speckle better for you, or you just can't wait to get a specific feature/connector we're working on, we hope to see you in our Community Forum