From the 13th to the 17th of July, I will be giving a introduction workshop on Speckle at the IaaC Global Summer School - online, of course! Feel free to apply, or contact me for more info. Details below:

Workshop Description

Advances in architectural geometry and the rising ubiquity of design computation and visual programming amongst architecture practices has led to the design and construction of more complex, larger scale architectural projects. Consequently, the AEC industry has witnessed the emergence of custom technological solutions tailored within some of the most progressive architecture practices to better understand and visualize complex digital design workflows.

This seminar, based on Speckle, aims to stage a high frequency iterative digital design workflow between several "simulated" stakeholders: design, analysis and reporting. We will prototype a truly open, frictionless and integrative design process between workshop participants using design data and explore the potential and limits of digital collaboration in BIM.

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At course completion, students will:

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