In 2021, we launched Connect! 2021 with the idea of connecting you with AEC professionals and experts to discuss challenges and opportunities in the industry. More than 1,500 of you joined us in an interactive and rich 3-day conference where we got to hear from an amazing lineup and various panels, including Arup, ETH Zurich, Join, UC Berkeley, Hypar, Canoa, and more.

Over three online days, leading startups, experts, and universities in the space have provided insights on bringing your workflows to the 21st century and ran hands-on workshops. You can find the recordings of all workshops and talks here.

Introducing SpeckleCon, Our Online Conference

This year, we’re bringing back Connect! with a twist. It’s now called SpeckleCon, a free online conference including one <dev day> , where we will focus on how to unlock data to fuel collaboration, automation, and connectivity across all design workflows.

Over two days, you’ll participate in talks and workshops with fellow designers, coders, and innovators. Together we will explore and build the tools and workflows you need to deliver and create value at scale.

Why Are We Doing This?

We want to push the boundaries of design with data-driven workflows and unprecedented connectivity!  As data is at the heart of AEC, vendors are increasingly locking it in, and it’s down to us to build an open, modern ecosystem that delivers for all.

We’re Calling For Proposals NOW!

This year, SpeckleCon is happening on November 14-15th 2023.

For all of you not traveling to Vegas, this is a great opportunity to showcase the benefits of Open Source over closed ecosystems.

Join us as a speaker by submitting your proposal before July 10th, 2023. If you care about data, technology, and vendor-agnostic cutting-edge solutions for the AEC industry, SpeckleCon was designed for you.