SpecklePy Tutorial: A Simple Dashboard

SpecklePy Tutorial: A Simple Dashboard

Learn how to get started with SpecklePy - the Python SDK for Speckle! In this tutorial, we'll be receiving geometry from a stream, updating the data, and using it to do some calculations and simple plots for a dashboard using Plotly and Dash.

Written by Izzy Lyseggen on

So, you've familiarised yourself with the Speckle concepts and now you want to get your hands dirty to see what you can do. What about manipulating some Speckle streams and creating a simple dashboard using our Python SDK? Well I've got the perfect tutorial for you!

This SpecklePy tutorial will show you how to send and receive data from a server, update the data using some special Speckle Base Object features, extract and plot your data using Plotly, and display it all nicely using Dash.

dashboard using speckle-py, plotly, and dash

👉 Check out the tutorial here!

The tutorial assumes you have general knowledge of Python and Speckle. If anything trips you up, open up the Speckle.Guide and have a look at the Python examples or the Speckle Concepts.

If you want to follow along with the code, the repo for this project can be found here.

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