If you are a Grasshopper user, you may have noticed that on our latest Grasshopper Connector release, there's a new version of all the Object Management nodes.

This is due to the fact that the new nodes are Task Capable Components, fixing an issue in the previous version that caused the components to get stuck in a loop (see this issue for more details and kudos to @iltabe for catching it!). They now even work inside Clusters!

If you have .gh files that use the previous version, do not worry, your files will still run just fine, but you'd be able to tell if you're using an old component version by the OLD icon that would appear on the node

Speckle node flagged as OLD, meaning, there's a newer version available.

In an ideal world, you'd want to upgrade them as soon as possible to keep up with the latest improvements, but be sure to have a backup of your .gh file, as upgrading cannot be undone (GH will also notify you about this).

Upgrade steps:

Upgrading an entire definition that uses OLD nodes is pretty simple: