Speckle Connectors


The ability to communicate and collaborate between people - and between varying types of software - is an important need of modern digital workflows.

That’s why interoperability is at the heart of Speckle.

We have developed - and keep expanding - a comprehensive set of connectors that embed directly inside the most popular design and analysis tools of the industry and allow you to exchange geometry and data.

These addins not only make the process of regenerating complex designs from Rhino into Revit a breeze, but also transform your project data into an open, transparent and easy to access format.

Lossless vs. Lossy

The aim of Speckle Connectors is to facilitate meaningful data exchange between AEC software used by various disciplines.

Nevertheless, not all stakeholders (and by association, the software they use) share a common set of concepts: for example, Unity doesn't know what a "wall" or "beam" is - and that's perfectly fine, as it's a game engine, not a drafting tool! Nevertheless, when receiving data coming from Revit inside Unity, Speckle performs a lossy conversion: instead of walls, you will see its display representation (3d data) and metadata.

Supported Elements | Speckle Docs
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If you're missing specific interoperability workflows, do not hesitate to let us know on our forum.