Sharing files is messy, time consuming and potentially dangerous. More importantly, it adds friction to the design process: figure out what you need to export, choose a file format, send it - and get a reply one day later that it's not the right data. Meanwhile the export is outdated anyway, as you've kept working on it.

Sounds familiar? Well, Speckle has been built from the ground up to avoid this: instead of sharing whole files - opaque binary blobs of data - our connectors allow you to curate the right objects you need to send or receive.

Essentially, you can curate a master model at any time you want, from any data sources you need.

Instead of sending over a massive BIM model every time, with Speckle you can just share the new grid alignments & massing option with the structural engineer and, in parallel, send over just the site's new public square design with the landscape architect - while keeping the apartment layouts to yourself.

This opens up a whole new collaborative aspect of design. You can easily negotiate privacy & data ownership issues, send fast quick updates whenever the design changes, while keeping everything in sync and making sure you're not working off the old plans.