::: tip Perquisites

To follow along with this tutorial, you will need to register with Speckle and install the required connectors 🔌. It takes less than 3 minutes!

For a comprehensive overview of this connector, check our docs 📚!


Unity is an amazing tool, with it you can create interactive and immersive applications and experiences extremely quickly.

Adding Speckle to the mix, you'll be able to stream data from a variety of other AEC tools both in game mode and in editor mode.

Our Unity connector differs from the other connectors as it's mostly meant for use by software developers. It doesn't have an elaborated UI, but it offers convenience methods to send and receive data.

Read our documentation on how to use the Unity Connector.
Check out our .NET SDK.
Create your first Unity application with Speckle by following a simple tutorial: Interactive Real-Time Experiences with Unity, Revit, Rhino and Speckle


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it useful!

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