Archicad: New Connector Officially Launched!

Archicad: New Connector Officially Launched!

Written by Mucahit Bilal GOKER on

As part of 2.18, we’re happy to announce the launch of our Archicad connector. After an evolutionary journey from its early alpha stage, this connector has now emerged as a fully featured and robust solution for seamless 3D model exchange and collaboration between project teams.

Past Releases: Enhancing Connectivity and Stability

In previous releases, we've diligently worked to refine and enrich the Archicad connector. Here's a glimpse of the key features and improvements that have paved the way to its current maturity:

What's New with Speckle 2.18?

Building upon the solid foundation of the alpha version, the latest 2.18 update introduces new functionalities and optimisations:

Looking Ahead: Our Roadmap 🗺️

As we move forward, our commitment remains steadfast to further enhancing this connector’s capabilities. Here's a glimpse of what's on the horizon:

Thank you for your ongoing support and feedback, which has been instrumental in shaping the evolution of this connector. Stay tuned for more updates and innovations on the Archicad connector journey!

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