Our Connectors offer pragmatic data exchange and are the base for collaboration and automation workflows. That's why we have been focusing on improving our Archicad Connector to enable exchanges with Revit and the rest of the Speckle ecosystem.

Our Journey So Far

Since we started dev work early last year, we have implemented the following:

What’s Next?

We are excited to continue working with you as we refine the Archicad Connector to ensure it meets your needs. The current focus is on enabling coordination with other disciplines while making Archicad <> Revit workflows smooth.

Here’s what’s next:

  1. Improved geometry fidelity: curved geometry will be imported with soft edges hidden and rendered as smooth objects.
  2. Revit family instancing: elements from Revit will be converted to native GDL objects for better model management, and if possible, geometry will be reused to boost performance.
  3. Support for all native Archicad element types: our goal is a reliable model transfer between Revit and Archicad for collaboration and coordination between project teams. This effort will span a few releases, so while we get there, unsupported objects will be imported as morphs with correct rendering material to ensure a WYSIWYG experience.
  4. Views from Archicad in Speckle Viewer: 3D views created in Archicad in 3D documents will be accessible in the Views panel with the correct camera angle and clipping planes.
  5. Better support for Archicad properties: to improve data transfer between BIM applications, we will support more Archicad native properties. This will also enable meaningful insights, dashboards, and data analysis with PowerBI.
  6. Analytical stick model support: Archicad users can also create an analytical stick model for structural analysis, and to welcome the Archicad Connector in our structural workflows with ETABS or Tekla, we will include support for structural analysis data.

We value your input and would love to hear what you use Archicad for. Your feedback helps us make Speckle Connectors better ❤️.