Speckle 2 & The Insider Programme

Speckle 2 & The Insider Programme

Towards Speckle 2.0 , Speckle 1.0 LTS, and the future.

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We are planning the refactoring, recoding and re-engineering of Speckle. That's right, it's time for a 2.0! The Speckle Insider programme is a way for us to involve existing & aspiring Speckle developers on the journey to a better Speckle from the early stages of development.

We are developing Speckle for the AEC industry and want everyone to be part of it! Join the programme on our community forum here.

The current iteration of Speckle (let's call it 1.0) was originally begun in late 2016, and first public commits from sometime in early 2017; since then we've learned a lot. Over the next couple of months we will focus on getting some core components of the Speckle ecosystem (server, & .NET SDK) in an early alpha stage so we can kickstart the conversations around it.

Why join?

By joining, you will get early access to the refactoring kitchen, where we are cooking the next generation Speckle Soup ™️. What does this mean?

Ok, now join (it's free)!

Our target audience here is past, present and future Speckle developers. Just fill in this quick form and we'll get back to you soon!

👉 Speckle Insider Group

Should wait for Speckle 2.0, or keep working with Speckle 1.0?

We think you should keep at it. We're not killing 1.0 (see below). Speckle 2.0 will bring about breaking changes, but we envision a smooth migration path, and you will be able to bring with you the experience you gained by working with Speckle anyway.

What happens to Speckle 1.0?

The entire Speckle team (uh, Dimitrie and Matteo, for the record) is currently working on v2.0, this doesn't leave many resource available to actively support and develop the current version. That's why are putting Speckle v1.0 in Life Time Support.

This means that we will not be releasing new features for the server and clients, unless these can be easily ported to v2. Likewise only critical bugs will be addressed.

Just want to chat? Head over to the slack group.

Feeback or comments? We'd love to hear from you in our community forum!


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