Speckle GSA Now Open Source 🎊
Speckle Team
April 30th 2020 connectors


We are delighted to announce that Oasys has just released SpeckleGSA, an open-source GSA plugin that integrates GSA directly into the Speckle ecosystem. SpeckleGSA opens up new avenues for direct collaboration with architects and designers working in Grasshopper, Rhino, Revit, Dynamo, Excel and the many other design tools that integrate with the Speckle ecosystem.

Download & Install the latest release here.

SpeckleGSA documentation is available here.

The SpeckleGSA source code is available here.

Over the past year, SpeckleGSA has been used by design teams to deliver automated workflows for metro stations, high rise towers, museums and bridges all around the world. Oasys is pleased to be able to make these capabilities available to all of our GSA customers.

Read the full announcement on Oasys's website!