Launching the Open-dthX Connector

This open source solution is connected to 28 applications, allowing users to instantly access insightful data in the open-dthX format, which are in turn connected to Speckle’s 28 Connectors and plugins.

To facilitate the exchange of information between disciplines, datBIM has chosen to adapt the Speckle software ecosystem, which enables direct communication with various Connectors, ensuring reliable interoperability. According to datBIM, Speckle stood out for its direct communication system between software, made possible by its Connectors that can access the APIs of design software and centralise data on an online server.

Project collaborators can therefore exchange information in real-time, avoiding the need to import/export intermediate files. Thanks to the new Connector, users (building owners, project managers, contractors, etc.) have free, instant access to geometric objects modeled from open-dthX structured data produced by digital end-users (construction industries developing object description models, manufacturers of construction products, etc.) from their business software (ArchiView, etc.) from their own software (ArchiCAD, AutoCAD, Blender, Dynamo, Microstation, Revit, Rhino, Sketchup, Tekla Structures, VisualARQ, etc.).

This means they can exploit the full potential of a digital data platform without being dependent on the proprietary data format of a software or cloud provider. They can organise the flow of data and trace interactions between project participants. They can seamlessly extract data, exchange 3D geometry, integrate native objects into business software, and enrich a digital model. In addition, it is possible to automate the most complex workflows.

Finally, thanks to and the Speckle ecosystem, users benefit from a complete, open BIM solution. They can produce a high-quality list of completed objects by enriching the model with static or dynamic objects from the datBIM online configurator. Additionally, they can manage configurable links for documentation production in relation to manufacturers' product data sheets.

A Common Data Environment Open to Everyone

Speckle combined with is an open source solution used for sharing parametric modeling and design data in the field of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). Based on an open architecture - it is extensible and customisable - it enables users to create customised integrations with various design and analysis software. It is used in conjunction with parametric modeling software such as Grasshopper (a plugin for Rhino) and computer-aided design (CAD) software to facilitate communication and collaboration between project teams.

Similarly to any open source software, Speckle is constantly evolving, thanks to contributions from developers and users around the globe. This offers a reliable alternative to closed proprietary software ecosystems and offers access to a wide range of tools and applications. This leads to opening up collaboration to the heterogeneity of practices and fosters innovation in the construction industry.


You can head to datBIM’s website and resources to learn more about their recently launched Connector and offerings. You can also join our Forum if you’d like to contribute to our Connectors and ecosystem.

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