• ✨ Navisworks connector (alpha)
  • ✨ Sketchup connector is now in Beta!
  • ✅ Section plane outlines in the viewer
  • ✅ Python 3.11 fully supported. It's ~ 40% faster🚀
  • ✅ Render material support for Breps
  • ✅ Brand new Blender installer (now supports Windows, Mac, and Linux)
  • ✅ QGIS - Receiving BIM Models



  • Hide the Receive tab for connectors that do not receive, e.g. Navisworks.
  • Hide the Advanced Settings button when no settings are available for the connector.
  • Fixed Preview issues #1961 #1960
  • Improved error reporting


  • Conversion of Revit Spaces without a zone
  • Added length property (when applicable) to MaterialQuantities object
  • Added support for groups, steel modifiers, and StructuralConnectionHandlers
  • Fixed bug when receiving point clouds with points below the internal xy plane


  • Add itemized report to summarize send and receive operations
  • Added updating functionality for 1D and 2D elements
  • Added support for ETABS v20.3.0


  • Added support for Tekla 2022
  • Added support for Program Files install location
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes


  • Fixed handling of invalid user strings
  • Adds render materials to brep display values when sending
  • Fixed receiving blocks and views in update mode
  • Added support for new element types in our alpha mapping tool: https://speckle.guide/user/mapping-tool.html

Autocad & Civil

  • Update receive mode fixed for better object updating using unique application ids
  • bug fix for polycurve reporting on receive


  • Advanced settings for user preferences and model preferences
  • Include attributes on send/receive
  • Combine faces by material under mesh on send (related bugs also are fixed)
  • Merge co-planar faces on receive
  • Layers support on send/receive
  • Create Stream by UI
  • Store soften property of faces on send/receive
  • UI reinitialization problem is fixed
  • Send back material to server as fallback of front material
  • Subgroups fixed on send/receive
  • Always face camera option available for components
  • No account issue has been fixed
  • Alpha release Connector rev3
  • Supports Send from Selections and Saved Sets (search and Selection)
  • Solid geometry conversion only
  • Retains aggregate model hierarchy
  • Permanent material, unit, and transformed overrides only
  • Full property set inclusion (currently mimics advanced setting for internal and display versions of properties)


  • New 0 restart installer, with better module installation and proper m1 mac support.


  • Archicad Column send and receive
  • Codestyle conformability
  • Installer improvements (correct handling of user profiles, add-on registration)


  • receiving BIM! and applying 3d renderer (for 3d View)
  • UI improvements: groups created on the top of the list; unnecessary refresh triggers removed
  • receiving vector symbology from ArcGIS
  • Fixes: units on receive; mesh DisplayValue; multiband rasters MinMax values ignored (for now, for stability)


  • send/receive from multiple registered accounts
  • Sending and receiving raster- and vector symbology
  • Preserving raster mesh color on send
  • Fixed: (not) receiving too large integers in the attribute table

Server & Web

3D Viewer

Server & Frontend

  • Structured logging. Backend server components now log in JSON format by default and include relevant metadata within JSON properties.
  • All server components now run on Node 18, the current long-term support version of Node.
  • Many other fixes and dependency updates.


  • The Docker Image for Speckle Server is now based on a Distroless image, reducing file size and reducing security ‘attack area’.


  • support for system HTTP proxy


  • Python 3.11 is now fully supported. Use it if you can, it's ~ 40% faster…
  • The theme of this release is better alignment with the core:
  • speckle_type definitions now work the same as speckle-sharp
  • reworked runtime type checking system, with working Optional type support
  • reworked path handling, macOS and Linux pathing were not always behaving as speckle-sharp
  • refactored objects so that types and the default values match speckle-sharp better
  • Fixed missing structural classes on deserialization