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You can head to our Community Forum if you want the full list of updates. What you need:

  • Update your version via Manager
  • If you don’t have it, download it here: https://speckle.systems/download/
  • Pick your favorite Connector
  • Download the latest version, 2.17


This release is full of features and improvements, so give it a whirl and let us know what you think. You can watch a summary of our highlights in this video:


  • Archicad levels can be received to Revit now
  • Layer property has been added to Archicad objects
  • Archicad commits are structured in collections to align with other Speckle Connectors
  • Added support for grids


  • Added support for grids
  • More granular filtering of analysis results on send
  • Improved handling of openings when receiving models from Revit
  • Bug fix when receiving structural materials


  • Added support for grids on receive
  • Improved handling of materials with no name on receive


  • Added support for grids on receive


  • Improved support for rebar on send
  • Floors and ceilings with complex boundary curves are now reliably received
  • Added level of detail setting when sending
  • Added support for grids


  • Resolving dependencies error that have caused plugin failure on creating Streams/Branches and accessing account
  • Stable Report generation


  • We have made some performance improvements on the receive times. Receives are now 3-50 times faster depending on the complexity of the model.

::: tip Case Study

Leveraging Speckle’s connectivity and collaboration aspects led Fast+Epp to save a couple of weeks by using Speckle as a single source of truth when delivering a high-end complex geometry project, namely the PNE Amphitheater. Read about it here.


What’s Next?

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