Sunshine Canyon House - Max Achkovsky

Where We Were 🧐

As you may know, Speckle has had a Sketchup Connector for a while as an alpha release. Thank you to all the community members who have provided feedback and contributions; we’ve made it better, more robust and user-friendly.

What's New 🆕

Our team has been growing quite a bit in the last year, Oguzhan joined us in November and focussed exclusively on this connector. Thanks to his expertise, he’s already been able to do wonders in such a short period of time, effectively rebuilding from the ground up. We’re very excited to have him on board and can only dream of what’s coming next!

What's Next 🧑‍💻

What are our plans for the Sketchup Connector?

We want to make it easy for users to store versions of their Sketchup models on the Speckleverse without any data loss. This will allow you to keep track of changes to your models over time and collaborate with team members more seamlessly. In the longer term, we have a roadmap of features and want to enable workflows between different design software.


What Workflows 🤔

Revit ▶ Sketchup 😍

One of the exciting new workflows we want to enable with the Speckle SketchUp connector is the ability to receive Revit models directly in SketchUp. Here are some key features we want to ship:

Sketchup ▶ Revit 💥

Another workflow we want to enable is the ability to send SketchUp models directly to Revit as BIM elements, similar to our Rhino Mapping Tool(alpha). This feature is ideal for users looking to utilise SketchUp's easy and fast modelling tools while also taking advantage of Revit's extensive BIM capabilities. Some key features:

Your Input 💬

We value your feedback and input; if there’s any feature you feel strongly about, let us know so we can prioritize it more. We are excited to be able to give Sketchup connector the attention it deserves and can't wait to see what the future holds for it. 🤩

We're excited to see how you use the new beta version of the SketchUp connector, and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback. So download the latest version now, try it, and let us know your thoughts!