Speckle's latest major version change represents a significant foundational improvement - from both a scalability and flexibility point of view. We've done it so we can offer the AEC industry the best possible foundation on which to scaffold modern, future-proof digital workflows.

A New Speckle

You've probably seen a new vocabulary making its way into Speckle: commits, branches, transports, contributors, etc. That's because we have evolved the immutable object-based approach from Speckle 1.0 into a fast, fully functional, cloud enabled version control system for 3D information.

As with any big change, there are bound to be bugs and annoyances. That's why we've decided to launch an early Beta programme to let us test the systems and gather your feedback. Nevertheless, the question you're probably asking yourself is what's in it for you.

Why Should You Join?

There's several good reasons!

Shape the Future

You will have the chance to shape Speckle. We're closely listening to what you have to say, and we'll do our best to support your requirements!

Transition Planning

If you've used 1.0 before, now is the time to start thinking about how you'll make a move to 2.0. Our 1.0 plugins work nicely side-by-side - but perhaps you've got a bunch of automation code too that will need migrating!

Better Interop & New Features

Frankly speaking, our Grasshopper and Dynamo connectors are better, the Revit and Rhino clients are 💯, we started supporting Breps - and there's more to it than this.

Enterprise vs. Free: Which Beta Programme Should I Join?

Deploying, updating and managing a Speckle Server across a whole company can be an expensive and time consuming endeavour, as we have found out first hand. That's why we've launched an Enterprise plan, which gives you "turn-key" private servers, managed by us but under your company's control.

If you want to use and deploy Speckle across your whole company, we recommend you join the Enterprise waiting list - and grab a significant early bird discount!

If having your own private server is not yet a concern, or the scale and legal requirements of your projects do not need it, we recommend the Free plan. It will allow you to enjoy all of Speckle's features, without any hassle!