Speckle Academia is our partnership programme to help the next generation of construction technology leaders become experts in cloud-based collaboration.

Why Speckle Academia? 🙌

As students prepare to enter the world of 3D, they will discover an industry in flux: a mix of paywalled software ecosystems, novel tech startups and changing expectations.

We want to empower students with a clear understanding of the construction technology landscape. Through using Speckle, students learn how to conduct teamwork in a modern, convenient and responsive environment, while developing the critical technology skills that are vital to our evolving industry.

Speckle has its origins in academia, starting life as Dimitrie's PhD project at UCL. As a team of 3D professionals that transitioned into software development, we are uniquely positioned to help students learn, ideate, and build the next generation of 3D tech.

👉 See our academic outreach work with IAAC

What We Offer 🎁

Using Speckle is already 100% free, but we can do more. All our academic partners are granted access to their own complimentary Speckle server, which comes with a whole a range of benefits:

How Do I Speckle? 👩‍🏫

We've been busy preparing a wide array of introductory resources to help new users get started with Speckle:

All students are encouraged to drop by our regular Community Standup, which is a great place to learn about the current technologies and debates developing in 3D tech.

What We Ask 🙏

Right now, we are simply looking for feedback on our product. Have we got things right? Is it intuitive to use or can we still lower any barriers to entry?

We'll want to arrange follow-up sessions with you to learn how your students have been using Speckle.

Data & Security FAQ

Since Speckle is a company that handles users' data, it is vital that we are transparent about how our users' information is stored, accessed and managed.

In anticipation of this, we've prepared a dedicated security FAQ page on our website.

Sounds Interesting?

Hopefully, we've convinced you! If Speckle Academia sounds like a good match for your course, feel free to message us at [email protected] 📤

Thanks for reading our spiel and ✌️ from Team Speckle


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