Workshop: BIM without BIM @ CAADRIA, Sydney

Workshop: BIM without BIM @ CAADRIA, Sydney

BIM without BIM: learn how to use Speckle to create a connected - and automated - workflow to deliver geometry and analytical data in a workshop by the CoDe team at Aurecon.

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Chris Welch and the team at Aurecon CoDe are giving a workshop called "BIM without BIM: Towards the Decentralised Computational Design and Delivery of Complex Transdisciplinary Projects".

As part of this workshop, Max Marshall, Louise Wotton, Michael Chernyavsky, Tristan Morgan and Chris Welch will use Speckle to develop a concept for a local Sydney project through a set of small, connected, and where possible, completely automated tools built by our attendees to deliver geometric and analytical data as discrete, decentralised models.

When and Where?

CAADRIA workshops are delivered both on-site and online in Sydney. They will take place between 9th and 11th of April.

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Why Attend?

From the team at CoDe:

"In the AEC industry, 3d models are traditionally authored in a small number of generalised BIM and CAD software packages, often causing friction when a given project modelling task is too specialised to have an official workflow, or where more specialised software cannot directly integrate into a given platform. This can have negative outcomes for a project, limiting iteration and collaboration over the lifetime of a project.

In the emerging field of computational design, more targeted tools and processes can be developed, specially tailored for the current project context. Emerging software platforms like Speckle and Hypar are starting to build higher level infrastructure to connect these small tools and allow them to form more complex workflows."

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