It is with the greatest pleasure that the Speckle team is releasing not one, not two but three CSI connectors for Speckle which include SAP2000, CSiBridge, and SAFE.  The release of these connector will enable Structural Engineers in the AEC industry to be connected with the Speckle world 🥳.

These tools are currently in alpha release, which means that you can start using them with limited features but it should be enough to support a fully automated workflow of building your models parametrically in CSI using grasshopper.  We hope by having your structural model information in the Speckle universe, it will empower your automation. Refer to the support element list for a list of elements that are currently supported by this alpha release.

Look at the documentation to learn how you can begin to use this powerful connector.  

Already familiar with Speckle? Install these connectors directly from Manager!

Note: please report any bugs, feedback to the Community forum to help make this connector more and more robust.

Check out the repo for constant development and updates.