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The Future Craft category focuses on emerging technologies such as AI&ML, Smart Contracts, XR, Digital Twin, 3D Printing, and innovation in materials and construction techniques. It challenges participants to think creatively about how traditional practices can evolve with technology, fostering a forward-looking approach that blends artistry with efficiency.

Crafting the Future with Speckle

AI-powered conversations

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) falls under this category. So, how can we leverage the power of AI/ML and more, combined with Speckle to drive the industry forward?

Jon, Speckle’s community member, enabled an AI-powered conversation using Speckle data. By simply prompting an AI tool, you can ask questions about your model and get answers in real-time:

Build Immersive VR Apps

With VR disrupting the AEC industry (for the better?), we see it applied using Speckle to build an interactive VR app and make it easier for you to view and interact with your models. Jedd demos how this is performed, and you can watch this teaser video:

Using AI Agents to Gain Real-Time Insights into BIM Projects

Nikos, a previous Speckle community member who converted to a full-time Speckler, built a tool to retrieve Speckle data using an AI agent. This enables you to ask the Agent any questions about your model. Per your request, it can even generate dashboards to interact with your data in real-time. Check it out:

Speckle + AI Agents + BI Analytics, Nikos Argyros

Build a Web Application

At SpeckleCon 2023, we saw the Schmidt Hammer Lassen team build a full-stack web app live using Speckle. Hear from Victor and Daniel as they do this in real-time:

::: tip

Tutorials and resources:


Wrapping Up

The Future Craft category was designed for those of you who are not afraid of embracing new technologies to drive change in the AEC industry. Does this sound like you? We believe Speckle, combined with other advanced technologies, can support you in building something impactful, driving efficiency and productivity across AEC.

And finally, a pro tip from the juror of this category, Murat Melek, Directory AI Scientist at Suffolk Construction:

“Novelty of the idea is key! Your ability to turn an idea into at least somewhat of a product and present it clearly and authentically is what will pave your way to first place! But don’t be discouraged if your project is a bit messy—after all, it’s a hackathon!” says Murat

So, show us what you got and apply to our hackathon today!

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