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We're delighted to introduce Aaron Atkinson, our Business Intelligence (BI) category judge! Aaron, a seasoned BIM Lead at John Sisk & Son Ltd, brings a wealth of expertise in digital project delivery. His innovative use of real-time AEC data, open-source BIM tools, and an out-of-the-box approach to BI paints a different picture of its possibilities, and that’s why we know he’s the ideal person to inspire potential BI hackers to join!

Aaron Atkinson: Full Cycle BIM Approach and Leveraging Speckle

As a BIM lead, Aaron oversees digital project delivery across all areas of AEC. His responsibilities span the full life cycle of projects—from designing with the client at the early stages to the tools and applications they use to drive construction, and the afterlife of the project.

Scaling existing technologies and integrating best practices to boost productivity is an underlying mission of Aaron’s BIM mission, which is exactly why Aaron became a Speckle champion!

Under his guidance, the John Sisk & Son team leveraged Speckle's capabilities as an AEC interoperability software to achieve a remarkable 98% improvement in reporting speed on façade progress. This achievement showcases the power of effective data integration and exemplifies best practices in project reporting, setting a benchmark in the industry, so check it out to get inspired in your BI hackathon prep journey!

The Future of Data: Importance of Business Intelligence in AEC

The AEC industry is undergoing a transformative shift with the integration of BI at its core. Aaron views this evolution as an essential component for future project management, advocating for a paradigm where data has to be strategically employed to drive decisions and innovations.

“The data we produce influences different touchpoints along the delivery of the projects so we have to be focused on the quality, structure, and governance of the data we’re creating. says Aaron.

With the exponential rise of AI and machine learning, Aaron points out, the potential to streamline operations and predict project challenges before they arise is becoming a tangible reality. He advises that looking ahead, we should consider the specific needs of each project, including social, environmental, and regulatory factors. Evaluating the actual impact of the data we collect and process should be AEC leaders’ main priority.

“We need to ask ourselves if the type of data that we’re using can provide benefit and make the change in the industry easier, simpler and faster,” emphasises Aaron.

Aaron’s Hackathon Tips & Tricks

Aaron encourages you to embrace the spirit of innovation when tackling the Business Intelligence challenges head-on, leaving fear behind and jumping head-first into unorthodox ideas.

"Don’t be afraid to come up with a forward-thinking solution! Be playful, think outside of the box and long term about the solutions you are trying to hack.” says Aaron.

Aaron’s approach—considering the entire lifecycle of a project and the broader impact of each decision—serves as a valuable lesson for all hackathon participants, but if you’re going for BI, we suggest doubling down on it if you want Aaron’s vote!

“Think about the project life cycle, the global drivers that are affecting the industry and try to have a wider view on the solution. Ask yourself how would your idea react to those touchpoint in real life projects, and not only in the safe hackathon environment.” says Aaron

Amazing! But What Now?

BI needs skilled advocates and inspiring voices like Aaron’s to highlight its vital role and possibilities in the industry, but it also needs you! We're eager to see how Aaron's insights will motivate you to push the limits of Beyond the Speckleverse Business Intelligence category!

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