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  • Update your version via Manager.
  • If you don’t have it, download it here:
  • Pick your favorite Connector
  • Download the latest version, 2.16

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  • Block to Families: With this feature, blocks from other software like Rhino, SketchUp, Blender will be received as Families in Revit.
  • DirectShape Fallback: Now, there is a setting to control when DirectShapes will be created with these options:
  • Always: Creates everything received as DirectShapes.
  • On Error: Tries to bring all objects as native elements but in case of an error falls back to DirectShape mesh. This result is then visually consistent model with its rendering in Speckle Viewer.
  • Never: If you want to load all objects as native, choose the Never option. Revit connector will only create elements that it can create natively using Revit.
  • Improvements on Sending Everything: We also made some improvements on Sending everything from Revit.
  • Added support for more Categories.
  • Now, we are sending all element parameters, including the empty ones.
  • Added RoomID and WorksetID parameters so you can easily relate elements back into the rooms they are placed in.
  • Added support for more MEP types and MEP Zones.


  • We added new options to Mapper for Rhino:
  • Create New Family: Create families from selected blocks with assigned categories.
  • Roofs: Create Revit roofs from Rhino surfaces.
  • Ceilings: Create Revit ceilings from Rhino surfaces.
  • Revit Levels are now received as CPlanes in Rhino.
  • Revit Categories to Rhino Layers: When receiving commits with nested elements, the rhino connector now places those nested elements in a top-level layer named by their category property when previously they were placed under their host element's layer.


  • Zones to Rooms: Archicad zones are now created as Rooms when received in Revit.
  • Send by Category: Filter elements by their categories and only send those.


  • SketchUp Connector is now available for Mac!


Better Connectivity with Revit

  • Revit will now recognise the 3D topography created from the raster image.
  • Revit will receive custom attributes from polygon elements.
  • QGIS will receive nested Revit definitions.

Support for sending tables without geometry and receiving them (such as Excel sheets and Revit schedules).

  • Preserve nested layer structure on Send/Receive.
  • Option to cancel Send/Receive operations in progress.
  • Added Report after Send/Receive.

What’s Next?

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