Speckle 2.0 Alpha Release
Speckle Team
August 26th 2020 2.0


We're very pleased to announce the alpha release of Speckle 2.0! 🎉

After a few months of hard work 💪 and sweat 💦 we've pulled together enough "stable" code to show you what's coming in 2.0. We hope existing contributors and implementers will check it out and provide feedback, this will help you ease the transition form 1.0 and will inform us on how to best tailor future developments.

⚠️ Please note: this is a partial release meant for developers, it does not include connectors or installers. ⚠️

With 2.0 we're bringing substantial changes to the server, the .NET SDK (core), the way kits work etc. We've started documenting and receiving feedback on these topics on our community forum, just head over the Insider category (now public) to see what's been happening.

Here's some posts you should check out before venturing any further:


One last thing before you jump straight into the code, we really appreciate having an active community so do give us feedback and ask questions on our chat or in the community forum.

And don't forget to ⭐️ our repos, it helps support the project!

So here they are, with instructions on their respective readme files:

  • Server: the Speckle server 2.0
  • Core: the .NET SDK 2.0
  • Objects: the default, but not only, object model in 2.0

That's all for now, stay tuned to receive updates on the alpha release of our connectors!

The Speckle Team