Another Retreat? Si, Si, Si!

Vámonos! For our 5th retreat, the Speckle team gathered in Alaró, Mallorca, known for its beautiful natural surroundings, historical charm, and traditional Mallorcan architecture. The town's calm rural atmosphere makes it a great destination for our retreat. Our beautiful venue and workplace were surrounded by the Tramuntana mountains, great for work and outdoor activities!

Company Retreats Are Crucial For Company Culture

A company retreat provides a great opportunity for team members to come together, away from everyone’s usual workplace (at home for us). During our get-togethers, we value learning experiences, team-building activities, downtime for socialising, and collaborative work. 💻 🌴

We believe company retreats contribute to building stronger relationships with colleagues outside the usual work setting. We created a beautiful and relaxing environment for our team where everyone could communicate more freely. The change of scenery and break from the daily routine stimulated creativity and innovation thanks to various workshops. Our regular company retreats are a core part of our culture as they help us review our progress, achieve retrospective sessions across different teams, and plan our next move in the industry.

What Happened In Mallorca, Won’t Stay In Mallorca

Indeed! We took this retreat as an opportunity to regroup and align on our mission and vision statements, looking into positioning and messaging opportunities for Speckle while welcoming our newest team members. We’re on a mission to maximise our impact in the AEC industry, and we’re looking forward to sharing the results of our work with you. 🎯

Get Us Off The Screen, And Let’s Explore!

🙌 Time flies when having fun. On our 4th day,  we spent the day a little differently. We asked the team before the retreat to select their preference for team activities. Who would have thought that from the options of drawing class, hiking, wine-tasting, kayaking, and chocolate-tasting, KAYAK and HIKING were the most popular? To make the team-building activities inclusive and fun for everyone, we split into two groups so that everyone could join their favourite activity.

🥾 The hikers left early with enough water and a lunch box as they were up for the great challenge to hike to Castell d´Alaró, about 8 km each way, with 640 meters in altitude.

🛶 As for the kayakers, they took off from ‘Playa Alcanada’ and paddled their way to some impressive caves alongside the high cliffs of the north side of Mallorca. They even got to jump into the water and explore beautiful caves. The kayak tour finished with a visit to the town’s lighthouse. A few kayakers couldn’t get enough and went for a last snorkel in the crystal clear water.

Well done, Specklers, you have all made it back safe and sound! 👏

Already our 5th Retreat?

Yes! You have read that correctly, so go ahead and take a look at our previous retreats to explore our company culture even more. And to our fabulous team, we are already planning and looking forward to our next retreat; stay tuned. A final shout out to Surf Office for the support in organising this retreat! 👏

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