Introducing Parameter Updater

Introducing Parameter Updater

At Speckle we want to make 3D data work for everyone, and sometimes it means transforming it in less exciting forms, such as spreadsheets. We have developed a new feature called Parameter Updater to make it simpler, faster and more fun too!

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What is Parameter Updater?

At its core, Parameter Updater empowers you to update objects' parameter values outside of their host applications. This functionality opens up a wide range of workflows and collaboration possibilities. Imagine harnessing the full power of spreadsheet applications, like Excel, to effortlessly update and manipulate data while syncing the changes back to Revit.

With our latest Parameter Updater functionality, we've simplified this process for you. Now, even if you're not an expert in the intricacies of BIM applications, you can still contribute valuable data without the need to navigate complex software interfaces. We think this will empower specialists, including costing experts, fabricators, or suppliers, allowing them to fill in missing data, update parameters, or perform analyses in a familiar environment like Excel.

Say goodbye to manual updates or the need of specialistic tools, welcome Parameter Updater!

Where to get it?

Parameter Updater is not a standalone product, it is a functionality inside our current Connectors. It is currently available in the Revit and Excel Connectors. If you are a Revit user, you can send schedules from Revit, modify the schedule in Excel and effortlessly sync it back into Revit using the Excel connector.

Parameter Updater is included in the 2.14 release of Speckle and future versions.

Don’t believe us? See it in action:

Why Choose Speckle's Parameter Updater?

The Speckle Parameter Updater is not the first solution out there to facilitate exchanges between AEC applications and spreadsheets. Still, there are a few reasons why it might be a better choice for your next workflow 🤓:

1. Comprehensive Application Support

Unlike many other solutions that provide one-to-one conversions between software, Speckle's Parameter Updater (will soon) support a wide range of AEC applications. Starting with Revit, we will be expanding it to other applications like Archicad, Tekla, ETABS, and more. Regardless of your preferred software, Speckle is there to help you with your data exchange and collaboration needs.

2. Full Version History

Speckle doesn't stop at just data exchange; it offers a robust version control system as well. With Speckle, every sync or data exchange is stored within versions, which allow you to restore older datasets in seconds. Soon enough, you’ll also be able to visually diff your models online in our 3D Viewer.

3. No File Format or Software Restrictions

You are liberated from the constraints of file formats and software dependencies. Unlike solutions that require specific file formats or mandate the installation of both the AEC application and the spreadsheet software on the same device, Speckle operates independently.

4. Community-Driven Development & Support

Speckle is more than just a software solution; it is a vibrant and engaged community of AEC professionals and developers. With an open-source approach, we encourage collaboration, feedback, and continuous improvement. Do you have any comments, ideas or bug reports? Let us know in our Community Forum, we’re here to make you succeed!


In summary, Parameter Updater is another step towards enhancing collaboration, and leveraging the full potential of the data locked in proprietary and monolithic software. Try Parameter Updater today, explore its potential and let us know what you think about it! You can also join our next Community StandUp to see it in action.

Feeback or comments? We'd love to hear from you in our community forum!


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